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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  August 13, 2014 9:00am-9:31am PDT

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hey, everybody, i'm beth troutman. we've been searching the web for the best videos of the day. we got them, right this minute. a rock crawling tries to take the hill, but -- >> he's a little sideways. >> see why by "sideways," we mean upside down. a little boy proves it again. window bars and kids -- >> don't mix. >> the rescue has over rod over rod iron. just pronounced husband and wife when a dude jumps up and
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starts -- >> stancing in the aisle. >> reporter: the happy couple reveals the story behind guess the prize. >> it was unique. people didn't know if he was having a seizure or dancing. plus, a video game leads to a world class flip out. and a bowling instagram that is an instant classic. havoc at the 2014 southern rock racing series. that's aj rockwell driving hacic up the hill, horsepower. >> perfect last name for the sport. climbed that >> that run went well. rear wheel steering, high clearance suspension, a lot of horsepow horsepower. the second run does not go so well.
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yep. now he's a little sideways. more like upside down. yep. everybody, of course, runs in, all the safety crew righting aj back to his wheels, but they are able to get the big massive machine back on the tires. >> wow. >> yep. >> that went from rockwell to rock bad real quick. >> recovers well because he's righted and back up the hill he goes. there's a challenging time completing the course, sideways, has to reverse, sometimes you take a step back before you go forward, but he manages to get to the top of the hill. i have two examples of people trying to take things that don't belong to them.
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a doctor in south africa ended up arrested after providing services to a patient, and we have the video that shows exactly why. in the video, we see a police officer right here, and a man whose first name is desmond. he took his wife to the clinic for medical services. they were prescribed medication by the doctor, and you see her right here, they are all having an argument about the claim form because he wants to leave with the medical claim form, but the doctor says, no, we need that so that we can get paid for the services already rendered. >> why is there a police officer there to begin with? >> desmond left and came back with the police officer. the doctor goes to grab the claim form that the officer is holding. the doctor proceeds to slap him, and you see her swinging at the arm. the doctor ends up being arrested, taken to the police station, and eventually charged with assault because of this
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incident. >> it's a claim form, why not just ask for a copy? >> seems to be more to it. maybe records can't leave the hospital for whatever reason. >> here's someone else trying to take something that's not his. this is in malaysia. this guy walks into the shop, picks up things, puts them down, he looks legit, but when the shop owner is distracted, this man spots the ipad that belongs to the owner and does a little maneuvering. he uncovered it, and very smoothly grabs the ipad, hides it under the t-shirt, and casually walks away with it. >> baffles me that people don't think there's security cameras. he's right there on screen, clearly visible. >> he shouldn't be baffled when he's caught because the video is circulating, and police hope someone recognizes him. a couple videos show you
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where kids shouldn't be. we start in china where we learned window bars and kids don't mix. that is a little boy, and he's caught by the neck, and a firefighter holds him up because they don't want him to be hurt. another firefighter is handing that other firefighter a tool. what they'll do is cut a bar to loosen it so the kid can get out. >> can't get him back through. >> they need to rethink designs of window cages. too many videos of young people stuck in these. they are able to cut the bar open and get the kid out, and the child was okay. meanwhile, in england, look what's going on at this gas station. there's a family, there's dad, there's a kid popping his head out of the roof. the kid climbs out of the car, and, again, climbs over the car. watch this. climbs over the back of the car
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and uses the sunroof to climb in. >> using the car as a jungle gym. horsing around. >> whatever it is, police are looking for the parents because they say the dad drove off without paying for the gas. >> oh, what? >> maybe he was distracted by the kid goofing off and running all over the car. probably just totally forgot. >> apparently, the license plates are fake. that was them getting away with free gas. ts is intentional and that kid to cover up they were beginning to steal gas, that's discussing. that's shameful. one really cool thing about the show, we get to feature a lot of kick starter campaigns. you may remember -- >> hi, i'm scott, i made hot sauce for ten years, and in 2012, i started lucky dog hot do dogs. >> he had a campaign for a new delivery van.
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i have an update for you. >> you made it a success, found a great deal on a ford transit, exactly what i was looking for. >> his goal? $26,000, and thanks to generous supporters, a lot of them "right this minute" viewers, he raised more than $29,000. >> i wanted to make the video to say thank you to y'all for generous support of lucky dog hot dogs and of my kick starter campaign. thank you. every time i drive the vehicle, i'm grateful to you all. >> watch as he drives out of the driveway. the old van for sale! >> i want to know what all the people that donated to get him the truck are getting. >> all kinds of level like campaigns, each level, amount you donated, you get gifts. not going to lie, i contributed because i'm a hot sauce freak, and he sent me so much hot sauce that i'm swimming in it. it's on my twitter feed.
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i tweeted about it. >> it's delicious. >> fun to see how much his company have grown and how people contributed to what he's doing. >> uh-huh. shark week rolls on with the best video yet. >> today we're talking about zombie sharks. >> how does that happen? >> exactly. >> meet the man who dives down and makes them turn. ? exciting stuff. the barrel race on between horse and -- >> a motorcycle. >> see who brings it in for t wi didid d sosomemeonone e s? trtry y alalkaka s seleltztze. theyey w worork k jujustst a ase better ththanan t tumums s smsmooootd fruit. mmmmm.m. a amamazizin. yeyeahah, , i i geget t th. alalkaka s seleltztzerer hn reliefchews. enenjojoy y ththe e rer.
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let's get the fill of racing action, two videos, first one, both racing action off the bat, that guy is up and smashed down into the water, and that is k boat driver robert devine, got loose, the boat launched into the air and crashed into the water splitting into pieces, but you see devine floating in the water. rescue boats of historic long beach marine stadium quickly on scene, and devine was uninjured in the crash. >> remarkable. you know how fast the both was going. hard to tell it was a boat, and the fact, yeah, just a day at the office. >> those are all not part splintering, that's rob to the left. >> like a stone skipping over the water. now, the next race, pretty
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unconventional, doubt you've soon this before. barrel racing against a motorcycle. who is going to win? the motorcycle or the horse? >> that's not fair. it's a motorcycle that has several horsepower and a horse with one horsepower. >> a horse, though, with a lot of traction and nimble. down the straight they come. the motorcycle taking a clear and decisive lead, the horse quickly gains some ground. there they go on to the third barrel. as soon as they loop around, it's back to the stretch, and motorcycle struggling for grip on the loose dirt, and the horse brings it home. >> i love this. this is awesome. >> yeah. >> as a horse lover, i say, how do you do? >> it's the barrels, it's the cornering, the horse can corner like a horse, yeah. all the cool kids talk about it. shark week is incredibly popular on discovery.
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today, we're talking about zombie sharks. >> oh, how does that happen? >> exactly, that's the question of the day. eli martinez, a shark diver and conservationist wanted to find out what makes a shark stop dead? >> flip it over, rub its belly? >> pretty much, it's tonic immobility. >> a defense mechanism found in many animals induced when turned upside down leaving them helpless and vulnerable to attack. >> there's a theory. >> could it be there's a weakness, tonic inability, turning them into zombies. >> turn them upside down. who in the heck is going to go into the ocean and try to turn a shark upside down? eli martinez went to shark infested water, tiger sharks, and started the process of
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trying to flip a shark on its back. we have thee eli martinez via skype right this minute. welcome to the show! i'm glad to see you're still alive. that means things went well. how is it that you decide one day that you're going to try to flip a shark on its back? >> i was down there feeding a shark, and she just decided to do a 360 roll on me while she was in my hand. i had no idea why she did that or what it was she was tryi inio do, and it sd me, and then i realized it was something i was doing to trigger that response. >> by rubbing the nose, he overstimulates the senses known as the amupuli. >> exciting stuff. >> what do you do when you have them in the state of tonic immobility? >> there's some sharks that go completely catatonic. >> look at that.
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the shark is completely asleep. >> they lay on your hand, put them on your lap, lift them up, make them go vertical, and they stay in that state for 15 minutes at time. tiger minutes. each srk has a personality. >> what do we learn? >> tonic immobility, how it affects species of sharks, how animals use this phenomena, take advantage of it, and use it to kill sharks. >> to check it out, watch discovery channel wednesday august 13th at 9:00 p.m. a prank looking for a tow to avoid a dui. see how it works next "right this minute." and still to come, a wedding ceremony so exciting that -- >> some people in the crowd couldn't keep from busting the seats. >> how have special day gets --
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today, i was searching for a videos of people doing really cool stuff. found this one. this is chang zu. take this, an awesome yo-yoer, and this is a 4-a yo yo. no strings attached. he's basically throwing the yo yo in the air, catches it, and maneuvers it with a string in the hand. now, i found another video of someone with sfom mad skills, and you're going to recognize this guy. that's our own doug, a super
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editor here at "right this minute," and over the weekend, we had a bowling party. this is the video our editor, doug, shot. >> he got it! >> oh, cool! >> did you see what happened? >> no. >> okay, watch again. we have the camera pointed at his face, bowling, throws the bowling ball, and then he turns around. >> got it! and gets a strike! >> oh, that's so awesome! >> it's, like, calling your shot and having the wherewithal to get it on camera. >> this was the second try, and i have video of the first try. >> oh! >> it was so close! >> even that time all the pins down other than one. >> one pin! >> i hate to bring this up, but doug is one of our editors here. he's very good at video, any chance he did a little hocu hocus pocus here?
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>> no, it was real, and everyone there vouches for it. >> it's real. >> see. >> it's real. i now pronounce you husband and wife. >> this is video from the wedding of justin and laura page. time to celebrate. well, some people in the crowd couldn't keep the butts in the seat. >> that's kevin, just gets up and starts dancing in the aisle to "turn down for what" by d.j. snake and lil' john. ♪ turn down for what >> oh, no! now the whole party is going. >> turns out, it was actually planned. they all decided to just kind of flash mobbishly culminate the ceremony. we know kevin, friends with
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patrick, our producer, and they have come to say hello. >> i have an awkward photo with him! >> that's him. >> tell us more about this. welcome to the show, guys. so, fill us in, how did it happen? why was kevin selected to celebrate like this? >> originally, it was supposed to be me, but kevin is my best friend, just do that in the middle of the aisle and surprise evybody, inclu the bridal was supposed to do it, and he was excited, so we went with it for a nice twist. >> how did everyone else react? >> from the videos, some were not sure what was going on, but i think they started to kind of get the hang of it. the dance was unique, so i don't know if people thought he was having a seizure or dancing. >> did this set the tone for, like, an awesome reception? >> oh, yeah. yeah, i mean, we're considered
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the fun couple, so that was how we wanted to start everything off, start off with a big bang, and have a lot of fun. >> grandma now a lil' john fan? >> always has been, really. >> you're on the way to the honeymoon, where are you going? >> st. lucia tomorrow morning at, like, 4:30 in the morning. >> oh, get some sleep, or just get some -- >> who wants to sleep on their honeymoon? >> cheers to that. dude gets fired up about a video game, but his girlfriend says -- >> now he loses his mind. >> how his rant turns
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like a crab. he looks like a crab. >> the gaming industry is a multibillion-dollar industry. people go wild over video games. the newest "call of duty: advance warfare." this guy is a huge fan of the
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game, giving a review. >> they put it in the multiplayer, you make yourself invisib invisible. he says -- >> you can skip bop, all the entire match. >> the girlfriend behind him does not seem to get the big deal. >> babe. >> babe! >> what? >> it's a multiplayer. >> like, who cares. she says that. now he loses his mind. >> who cares? who cares if i grab your laptop. >> are you kidding me? >> you don't mock looking at a multiplayer game! >> this is not real. >> what makes you say that? >> the terrible acting for one. no one is crazy enough to post this online if he was this stupid to be this awful to his
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girlfriend. >> more than 69,000 views, and boy, oh, boy, you have a nose for fake videos. here's a follow-up video. there's the rest of the clip. him laughing, his girl laughing. >> the laptop's been broke over a year. he's commenting like you're the worst person in the world, chill out. >> you know what it means? >> here to be entertained. >> i was ready to be mad, but i'm glad this was just a fake. >> never know what's coming next. that's all for "rtm," we'll next. that's all for "rtm," we'll see you next time. -- captions by vitac --
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hi, everybody, i'm beth trout man, it's time for the best videos of the day, "right this minute." a hooded robber smashes into a pharmacy to try to find painkillers. why he'll need them when cops put him in a world of hurt. urban tree climbers defie gravity. >> doing gnarly things. >> the video that caught the eye of the cops. a teen on stage at a paramore concert for -- >> one of the coolest things th


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